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European Second passport by investment is a program in which a foreign national can legally and legitimately apply for and get a European second passport or citizenship of the desired country on the bases of an investment. In this program, the individual who wish to migrate will have to be ready to make an investment worth the stipulated amount stated by the government of the desired country.

The investment and its worth differs from one country to another. Eu second passport by investment provides investors the opportunity to invest and reside in the Eu country of their choice as citizens. Mode pf application and requirement depends on the country of interest.

European Second Passport By Investment
European Second passports countries are in high demand now as people from other nations due to one reason or the other might seek to visit or reside in any of the EU countries. Some of the reasons may include education and business. However, for whatever reason you require a second passport of Eu, second passport by investment is your faster route.

Here are Some EU Countries & their Second Passport by Investment Program:
Cyprus: there are basically three avenues in which one can obtain Cypriot second passport and they are 1. Investing in real estate and infrastructure, 2. Participant in Cypriot business and companies, 3. Investment in any financial asset of Cyprus Company, and 4. By diversification (combining the first three avenues). Cyprus second passport by investment requirement includes:

Invest at least EUR 2 million on landed property construction or development (for investment in real estate and infrastructure program)
Invest at least EUR 2 million in participation in a Cyprus based company. which has employ up to five Cyprus (European Second Passport) (for the participant in Cypriot business and company program)
Maintain Invest for a period of three years at least EUR 2 million in the financial asset of Cypriot company. This financial asset may include bonds and securities.
Purchase and own EUR 500, 000 worth of permanent private residency in Cyprus.
Be a permanent resident of EU Cyprus for a period of 5 years.
Second Passports and Citizenship by Investment Programs
Bulgaria: To obtain a second passport in Bulgaria, you only have to invest EUR 512, 000 in government bonds. So, It will be (without an interest as government bonds do not pay interest) for a year and after that you invest another EUR 512, 000. The first investment of EUR 512, 000 gains you residency and the other investment is for citizenship. You are required to tie a total of about EUR 1. 2 million for five years in Bulgaria without interest.

The procedure of acquiring the second passport by investment requires the service of a skilled professional with rich experience. That is where you need Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm.

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All you have to do is to contact Saad Ahsan Immigration Law Firm with your request. Let our professional walk you through the process and help you achieve your aim easily.

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